The show went on for Cole Swindell on Saturday (September 18th) despite losing his mother just days before. He took the stage at the Xfinity Center in Boston as part of Thomas Rhett's Center Point Road Tour telling the crowd there was nowhere else he'd rather be and that she would've wanted him to be there, too.

Cole paid tribute to Betty Carol Rainey during his set just before singing his hit “You Should Be Here,” a song he originally wrote in the parking lot of that same venue several years before in tribute to his dad, who died in 2013.

Cole told the crowd that Thomas Rhett encouraged him to take the weekend off. He said, “There's no way I'm missing being up here in front of a crowd like this. These people have had my back since Day One. She would want me on stage in front of a crowd like this. People who care. People who matter.”

Fans held up their cell phone flashlights and joined him in singing the poignant song.

Cole shared that his mother died last Monday (September 13th). According to her obituary, she was in hospice care at the time of her death.