Walker Hayes' hit "Fancy Like" speaks to the ideals of a simple, more affordable life, however the song's success is giving Walker and his family the opportunity to splurge a little. He says that the money he's made from having his first Number One hit has allowed him and his family to go big this Christmas.

Walker told ABC Audio, “My kids about six years ago, they wanted Christmas blowups in the yard, and those are expensive. I told them no, and just on a whim to get them off my back, I said, ‘If dad ever gets a No. 1 song on country radio, I’ll get y’all some blowups.' So when it hit No. 1, they held me to that promise. Even (wife) Laney and I have them. Every kid got to pick theirs out. So there’s our first splurge.”

Walker added that he'll continue to be careful with his money despite the holiday spending spree. He said, “I don’t think we’ll blow money. We know what it’s like for money to be tight, so we’re honestly pretty frugal, but if you drop by our house right now, it’s pretty tacky.”

Walker's new single is called "AA." His new album, called Country Stuff The Album, will be released on January 21st.