There's no doubt that newcomer Tyler Rich's passion is music, but he has other favorite things he loves to do when he's got some downtime to relax. Tyler tells us: “Man I love movies. Literally, other than traveling, my favorite hobby is going to the movies in the theater. I’ll go alone. People go , ‘You’re weird. Why do you go sit in a movie theater alone?’ I’m like, ‘Because what’s the difference between watching at home or watching on a way bigger screen than I have?’ I love horror movies. I’m a big fan of scary movies. Man, I love going to Disneyland, I’m just a big kid. Theme parks in general, just anything that kind of takes you away from regular life and stress and just kind of sets you in this happy, relaxed moment.”

Tyler sits in the Top 35 on the charts with “The Difference,” his debut single.

Later this year, Tyler joins Brett Young for a string of tour dates.

Source: Pulse of Radio