Tyler Rich has just a few days left on his Two Thousand Miles Tour, but he does more than just play concerts while on the road. He created what he now calls Rich’s Rescues, where he goes to local animal shelters on tour stops and spotlights some of the animals up for adoption to help them find forever homes. Tyler tells us more: “Being able to have an outlet and a voice that fans will listen to, and a stage that I can go on and put events together and perform on to raise money for things that are important to us is just incredible. I mean, I’ve been a part of a lot of charity events and I’ve put together charity events and fundraisers, and it’s just amazing to see communities come together to all listen to music and sing music and raise money together as a community. And the fact I’m even in a position that I can be a part of anything to help that way is just amazing.” :31 (OC: is just amazing)

Tyler Rich On Giving Back :