Trace Adkins turned up at Pitbull's Nashville tour stop on Thursday (October 7th) night to perform "Where The Country Girls At," their collaboration on Trace's new album, The Way I Wanna Go. The song also features Luke Bryan, but he is also on tour and was unable to join Trace and Pitbull.

Music Mayhem reports that Pitbull told the crowd, “Music is so beautiful, it brings everybody together. Unites and doesn’t divide. We made this record and I ain’t even get a chance to meet the people on the record yet, so tonight I get a chance to meet somebody in person that I have tremendous respect for and also get a chance to perform this record with. So we’re going to perform it in Nashville and meeting for the first time. This, folks, is called history in the makin’. So I’d love to bring out the one and the only, Trace Adkins.”

Both artists performed the song wearing black cowboy hats.