Tim McGraw's latest single, “7500 OBO,” seems like it was customized especially for him. It includes lyrics like “shotgun ridin’” and “where the green grass grows,” which Tim tells us makes him think he was top of mind to record it the day it was penned. [“I think they probably did that, because when we had the demo, it had a little piece of that ‘Green Grass Grows’ fiddle in it. We put it in there as well but  we had to do it a little different to make it fit right. But it also has ‘Let It Go’ in there. So, I think it was pretty much aimed at me, which is cool because it makes me think, alright, if they aimed the song at me then maybe I can sing it. So it gave me a little confidence going in.”] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . confidence going in.)

"7500 OBO" is included on Tim's latest album, Here On Earth.

Tim McGraw On Thinking ‘7500 OBO’ Was Written For Him :