Thomas Rhett has got some competition when it comes to his music as far as his three daughters are concerned, but they are also big fans of their dad's music. He tells us: [“My girls, at this state, listen to nothing but the Disney+ channel. And they’re all over the Moana soundtrack, the Mulan soundtrack.  But they do you love country music, and so even when I turn the radio on, if it’s not my voice coming through the radio, then they tell me to change it and put one of my songs on, which definitely forces me to really dislike a lot of my songs before the record even comes out because all they want to listen to is daddy’s music.”] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . is daddy's music.)

Thomas' latest hit, "What's Your Country Song," sits at Number Six on the Mediabase chart.

Thomas Rhett On Kids Listening To Disney And His Music :