We're still a few weeks away from Halloween, but Thomas Rhett's family has been in the spooky spirit for a while now. Thomas tells us it looks a lot like Halloween around his house, but they're still trying to figure out what the kids will dress up as this year. “My wife, I think, starting decorating for Halloween in the middle of June. My wife decorates way too early for every holiday, and Halloween is one of our favorite holidays besides Christmas and so Disney is gigantic in our house. I mean, our kids have watched every Pixar movie under the sun and all the classics and there's been a few things tossed around as far as being Finding Nemo characters or Monsters Inc. characters but we'll see. I think it'll be a fun time. My kids love Halloween.”

Thomas' Life Changes tour wraps up just in time for Halloween. He plays his last U.S. show of the year on October 27th in Sacramento

He will perform a special show at the Country Music Hall of Fame's CMA Theater on October 10th.

Source: Pulse of Radio