Just days before its one year anniversary, Thomas Rhett’s platinum album Life Changes earns its fourth consecutive chart-topping hit with the title track, notching his 11th career Number One. At the same time, Thomas has announced plans for the release of Life Changes Deluxe album featuring three new tracks — “Country Gold,” “Cardboard Heart” and “When We're 80.” The project will be out on September 21st, and the digital version will also include three remixes of “Leave Right Now” and a track with updated lyrics for “Life Changes.”

Thomas said, “There’s no way for me to explain how it feels to have 11 number ones. This was the song that inspired the name of the album, and is so special for me because it’s my family’s story. It’s amazing that so many people have also been able to connect it to their own stories.”

Surprisingly, Thomas tells us the “Life Changes” track was unlikely to make it on the album, much less be released as a single. “I didn’t even think it was gonna make the record. I kinda thought the record was finished, and then I did this retreat out at my farm with my dad and a couple writers and this song was just one that kinda fell out of the sky and it was kinda one of those ones that was meant be written. And I was like, ‘Well, I think this song is a little too personal. I mean, it has the word Uganda in it, for goodness sake, so there’s no way this is gonna be a thing.’ Then it became the name of the record and the name of the tour and now the name of the single. And you know, I think when people think of this song, they think, like, that’s my life too.”

Thomas is currently nominated for three CMA awards including Album of the Year for Life Changes. The CMA Awards will take place on November 14th in Nashville.

Source: Pulse of Radio