Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, celebrated their wedding anniversary this weekend and he posted this: “Happy 6th anniversary babe. You will forever be my favorite person on the planet. I hope we are still spinning DJ sets when we are 90.” The happy couple does have one ongoing disagreement though and that's football. He's a Georgia Bulldog fan and she roots for the UT Vols. He says when his team wins, it's best to keep quiet and not gloat. Thomas Rhett explains: “I can’t be. I can’t be a gloater because I like my happy life way too much. We vowed a couple years back to not watch that game with each other, just for the head space it puts me in if we lose. But this year we were on the road and Lauren was at home, and even on the road I’m still surrounded by nothing but Tennessee fans, so I never really can catch a break.

Source: Pulse of Radio