Sam Hunt will be releasing a new album on April 3 called Southside. He tells us how he came up with the title: The album title came well after all the songs were finished. I essentially sat down and made a list of potential titles and just off the top of my head, I just sort of started writing down words or phrases that felt like the songs or felt like the record. Southside was the one that just kept standing out. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into why that was the case. Southside just for me is a phrase that just feels like my rural and urban roots, you know, where I’m from, I kind of feel like I’m from the Southside of that place, and obviously, the word south is in the title so there’s association with being from the South. More than having a really good backstory for the title, it just felt – when I looked at it on the page – it felt like the record

Sam Hunt On South Side Album Title :