Riley Green was excited to release his debut single, “There Was This Girl.” And a lot of people back home in Alabama were glad to hear him on the radio. Riley tells us what it was like growing up in the south: “I grew up in Jacksonville. Went to Jacksonville high school, played football, baseball, basketball. Went to Jacksonville State, tried to play football. My entire family lives 10 minutes down the road in Pleasant Valley, a little community out there, and both sets of my grandparents were alive for most of my life. My great grandmother’s still alive. So I mean I was really lucky in having a lot of family right there that a lot of people don’t have. I had a relationship with both my grandparents, both sets of them. My Granddad Buford was the one that kind of got me going in music, and my Granddad Lennon—fished, golfed every day, and he was who I spent most summers with, you know. So in that sense I had a probably a better childhood than a lot of folks. I had a lot of family members that some people don’t really have a relationship with.”

Source: Pulse of Radio