Riley Green will head out on his first major tour this summer with Brad Paisley. Riley is excited for the opportunity to introduce himself to thousands of Brad's fans around the country, in addition to getting to spend some time with Brad himself. Riley tells us he and Brad definitely have a love of fishing in common, something he hopes there will be a discussion about. “There will. I might have to bring it up, but there will be discussion about it. I’m a huge outdoorsman I know Brad is too, and that’s one thing that’s really cool about it, other than he’s famous and I’m a fan, but we’ve got the same interests. So he’s my kind of guy it seems like.”

Brad Paisley's 2019 World Tour with Riley and Chris Lane kicks off on May 30th and will run through August 31st in the U.S.

Riley's new single is called “In Love By Now. It's the followup to his first Number One hit, “There Was This Girl.”

Source: Pulse of Radio