For Priscilla Block, the Covid lockdown was exactly what she needed to ignite her fledgling music career. At the time, she was performing around town but dependent on her day job to make ends meet. Fast forward a year, and she's signed to a major label and has her very first bonafide hit on Country radio.

And it's all thanks to social media, specifically TikTok, as Priscilla tells us EXCLUSIVELY: “I was just starting to do music full time. I was doing music and I was cleaning Air BNBs and so when the pandemic hit I couldn't play any shows and there were no Air BNBs to clean so I was like completely broke and didn't know what I was gonna do, how I was gonna continue to do music and pay my bills, and so it really gave me the time to figure Tik Tok out. I thought it was this dancing app and there I was. I was just putting my own music up.”

Priscilla built quite a following through TikTok and other social media platforms by sharing her original songs.

Her debut single, “Just About Over You,” sits inside the Top 20 and climbing on the charts.

Priscilla Block On Delving Into TikTok During Pandemic :