Parmalee has recorded a brand new song to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Florence. The four-man band have released “Down Town (Hurricane Florence Relief Song),” a song inspired by the devastation caused by the hurricane in their native North Carolina and South Carolina and written by lead singer Matt Thomas. Proceeds from the recording will be donated to Hurricane Florence victims through the Red Cross.

Matt said, “It was heartbreaking to see all of the pictures and videos people back home shared of the damage caused by the storm. This is where we’re from—these are our brothers and sisters. We played some of our first shows in these towns. These people have supported us for so long, we knew we wanted to help and support them in return. Hearing the stories of how everybody banded together and looked out for each other, as they always do, was really inspiring and reminded me why I’m proud of where I came from, which is what this song is all about.”

The song's video features footage of the wreckage provided to Parmalee by local news channels.

Source: Pulse of Radio