Old Dominion is defending their title as reigning Vocal Group of the Year at the CMA Awards when they head into this week's awards ceremony in Nashville. The guys have also taken home the same honor twice at the ACM Awards.

While awards were never the band's goal, Trevor Rosen tells us they learned that winning industry-voted awards took on a bigger meaning. ["You go into it and you go, 'Awards are nice. That would be cool to win but that's not why we got into it,' and so you don't put as much weight into that. I don't think we did, and then after we won and we saw the ripple effect it had on all the people behind the scenes, you know? Not just the band but all of the people that work at our label and management and what a huge impact it had, and even just the other artists that congratulated us. Maybe we were guarding ourselves against it or whatever, but that was a big eye-opener to me is 'this is a bigger thing than we realize it is.'"] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . realize it is.)

Old Dominion is also set to perform during the CMA Awards, which will air live on Wednesday (Nov. 13th) on ABC beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

The band's new self-titled album recently debuted at Number One on the Billboard Country Albums chart.