A new album from Zac Brown Band drops today (Oct. 15.) Titled, The Comeback, it includes 15 new songs. As co-writer and co-producer on every track, Zac Brown tells us, that for him, this album was his own  personal comeback: ["After having some time off, you know, I wanted to just like walk toward my guitar when I was at home and I wanted to create again and I wanted to feel like- I feel like just in general just as a human being I feel like I'm rejuvenated and in every way you know I'm able to be really creatively present I had a lot of stuff going on I think just now just being at a new point where everything is good and positive and my kids are awesome everything is solid and I feel that way too I feel more solid and I feel more creatively present than- than I have in a really long time."] SOUNDCUE :32 (OC: really long time)

Zac Brown On Comeback :