Morgan Wallen made the day of a veteran who is a big fan but could only manage to get one ticket to Morgan's largely sold-out upcoming Dangerous Tour, and he gifted that to his 19-year-old daughter for Christmas. Tim Green's family shared a Tik Tok video of his daughter's emotional reaction to opening up her concert ticket on Christmas Day with a caption that read, “When Dad sacrificed getting Morgan Wallen Tickets and got his daughter them instead. However, Morgan Wallen if you have an extra ticket, we have a dad to 16 that deserves it.”

The family hoped to catch Morgan's attention by encouraging fans to tag Morgan in the comments of the viral clip. Well, it worked! The clip garnered over 1.3 million views, including one by Morgan who commented, “Tell dad he’s coming too. I’ll make sure we get in touch with y’all!!”

Music Mayhem reports that a member of Morgan's team has already reached out to the family to coordinate the ticket, which has now become tickets (plural) because Morgan has invited Tim's entire family, made up of several foster and adopted kids, to attend the show.

In other Morgan news, he popped in on his good friend Ernest at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday (January 8th) night as Ernest made his Opry debut. The two performed their current collaboration and Ernest's new single, "Flower Shops."