Morgan Wallen recently promised $500,000 in donations to various black-led groups after the scandal that rocked his career earlier this year when he was videotaped using a racial slur during a drunken late night with friends. Two months later, however, and only one organization claims to have received a small portion of that amount, according to Rolling Stone.

Only the Black Music Action Coalition received some money — $165,000, to be exact — in April, the publication reports. BMAC also confirmed it met alone with Morgan and then with just his management reps multiple times in February and March. A source with BMAC is quoted as saying, “We remain disappointed that Morgan has not used his platform to support any anti-racism endeavors.”

Rolling Stone also claims that despite agreeing to a meeting with the NAACP, Morgan has yet to do that.

At press time, Morgan had not issued a comment on the story.