Morgan Evans makes his national morning show debut in the U.S. this morning (Thursday, October 18th) on NBC's Today show. He's promoting his new album, Things That We Drink To, which was released last week.

Morgan tells us exclusively that he can count on his camp to ramp up his nerves right before showtime. “This is live and early. You know what, I've done all the morning shows in Australia so I get the early thing and I know how that's gonna feel but before I'm sure they're gonna be like, 'So you know . . . however many million people are gonna be watching this,' and I'll be like, 'Thank you for letting me know right before,' but I love playing. It's my favorite thing to do so I'm sure I'll be a little nervous in the morning and I'll probably have had about four cups of coffee before I play but I'm really looking forward to it.”

Things That We Drink To has already produced one Number One hit with Morgan's debut single, “Kiss Somebody.”

He continues on tour with Chris Young, performing in Evansville, IN on October 25th.

Source: Pulse of Radio