Mitchell Tenpenny's 10Penny Fund has joined forces with Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare, and the Sarah Cannon Fund to aid cancer patients and their loved ones through the cancer journey. The efforts of the campaign will focus on music as a source of strength and empowerment addressing the mental and social impact on people fighting cancer.

Mitchell said, “There are a lot of programs that are directly tied to research and aiming to find a cure for this illness, which are critical. In watching so many of my family members go through cancer, it became clear that there was also a significant need for resources that support you through the mental side of fighting cancer. How do you approach the disease mentally and say ‘I'm going to beat this’? I've seen so many success stories when you approach it that way, and wonder how things may have been different if my own family had access to support resources for this aspect of fighting cancer.”

Mitchell lost his father to cancer while in college, and has been vocal about how the experience affected him. “Walk Like Him,” a poignnat track from his debut album, was inspired by his father’s memory and puts to melody the moment he revealed his diagnosis.