There are 5 songs on Midland’s Let It Roll album that were written by the same group of songwriters. So, we asked Midland about how that combination of writers came about. Starting with bass player Cameron Duddy, he and lead vocalist, Mark Wystrach explain: There are a select few in this world that you, if you’re lucky enough, get a chance to stumble upon and get the opportunity to write with and have it work. And I don’t know how, but we found not one, not two, not three or four, but like five or six people that we went back to, a couple times, to write with, and it works Mark Wystrach – With the guys that, you know, the Shane McAnally’s, Josh Osborne’s the Jonathan Singleton’s, there is a shared reverence for the same artistry and the same kind of idea, and it makes it very easy to write these songs. It makes it easier.

Midland On Songwriting :