Midland says it's been a great experience touring with Thomas Rhett this year, but something he did when both acts were on a stadium tour with Kenny Chesney really stood out. The band's Mark Wystrach tells us more: “We were the opening act. There weren’t a lot of people there, so Thomas Rhett decided—he watched the whole show and he goes, “man, not enough people saw you play. That’s a number one song.” And we’re like, “this is a lot of people, man. More than we’re used to, yeah…That was pretty cool.” He’s like, “no, no, no.” He goes, “What if I bring y’all up during my set?” And then sure enough we kind of figured out an impromptu Thomas Rhett acoustic version of it and we came back out when the stadium was full. And yeah, that was a really cool moment. (That was amazing.) A really cool act by complete class act guy, that’s what Thomas is. He’s just really passionate about kind of everything that he does, man. He’s got a big ole’ heart.”

Source: Pulse of Radio