Michael Ray was immediately drawn to his latest single, "Whiskey And Rain," because it reminded him of the music he grew up loving from his musical heroes. This is also the direction of the music he intends to make moving forward.

Michael tells us EXCLUSIVELY: ["'Whiskey And Rain' embodies all the influences that I grew up with and really is a great introduction to this new album and the sound of where I'm headed sonically and where I'm headed just as a whole body of work. I was such a big influence on Gary Allan and so much of that Bakersfield sound, that (Merle) Haggard feel, and it just brought me back to that."] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . back to that.)

"Whiskey And Rain" sits inside the Top 25 on the Mediabase Country chart. It's the debut single from his upcoming fourth studio album.

Michael Ray On ‘Whiskey And Rain’ Being Nostalgic :