Michael Ray's artistry extends to his arms. The singer has a complete “sleeve” made up of meaningful tattoos, something that was kind of inspired by his dad. Michael tells us exclusively: “All mine are family-oriented, so my dad and I have the same sleeve, so this is the same thing that he has but on his right arm. I have it on my left and I got a feather pin with the day that my grandfather passed away on it, so mine's very music and family. I got a clock and a compass cause I feel like I'm always trying to find the right direction, especially with what we do – (I'm) always trying to point everything in the right direction and stay on focus, and time being the reminder that it's the one thing that you can't get back, and so with what we do it's very easy to . . . I feel like the more you travel and the more you're going days go quicker. You look up and it's been a couple months and been a week since you called somebody, you know, that type of thing, so I personally needed that reminder.”

Michael is not done getting tattoos. He tells us he plans to add ink to his ribs and chest before calling it quits.

Source: Pulse of Radio