Matt Stell released a new single called “Boyfriend Season.” Even though “That Ain’t Me No More” is still on the charts, this is Matt’s first release in over 7 months. As one of the co-writers, Matt tells us more about the meaning of “Boyfriend Season”: So when it comes right down to it “Boyfriend Season” is about you know a relationship going wrong and then kind of what happens afterwards you know. And I’ve seen my fair share of relationships going wrong and you know I know sometimes you carry some guilt, you wish you could have done more to keep things going or you know kind of would have could have should have, But in this case and “Boyfriend Season” you know the singer, who’s you know a lot like me, kind of feels like he left it out, you know all out there on the field, so to speak. And that one of these days you know, the girl that broke up with him in the song is maybe gonna realize that. And, you know, just kind of whatever helps you sleep at night part is sort of a tongue in cheek kind of well wish but then also kind of a dig a little bit. So I think that’s what makes us all kind of interesting. :47 (OC: makes that song kind of interesting)

Matt Stell on Boyfriend Season :