Matt Stell was surprised Monday (September 16th) night with a gold plaque for his hit single "Prayed For You." The heavy metal was presented by his management and label teams in from of a capacity crowd at Whiskey Jam in Nashville.

Matt co-wrote “Prayed For You." He tells us about the idea for the song: ["We just sat down to write a song about a guy, a character in a song who's a lot like me. He's a lot luckier than he deserves and really the message is that if you persevere and you stick with it that you give a chance for good things to happen and in the case of this song it's relationship but it also extends out to other parts of your life whether that's school or job or family or anything like that so that was really the message that we were trying to get across."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . to get across.)

"Prayed For You" is included on Matt's seven-song EP, Everywhere But On, which is currently available on all platforms.