Maddie & Tae cannot wait to hit the road with Carrie Underwood on the Cry Pretty Tour 360 next year. The duo is excited to be able to learn from the superstar, and they're crossing their fingers for a few writing sessions with both Carrie and fellow opening act Runaway June. Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye tell us: “There’s so much to be excited about going on tour with Carrie, but I think I’m most excited about just really learning from one of the best artists in the industry and one of the best entertainers. (Tae) She’s an amazing entertainer. (Maddie) And just seeing a woman we’ve both admired for so long do her thing and getting to celebrate all the women on the tour, but I feel like we’re gonna learn a lot! (Tae) And I think we’re gonna have some really good hangs, write a couple of songs.”

Maddie & Tae are making their way up the country charts with “Friends Don’t,” the first release from their upcoming album.

Source: Pulse of Radio