It might come as a surprise, but Luke Combs is just as much a part of the wedding planning process as is his fiancee, Nicole Hocking. In fact, Luke tells us it's downright important to him to be included on the decision-making process for the sake of the relationship. ["I've always wanted to be involved in that process because I want to show her that I care about it. I want her to know that I care as much about our wedding as she does because it's our wedding, and, I mean, it's her day to shine, don't get me wrong, but it's also . . . if I can't put a valiant effort into planning the most important day of our lives to this point then what does that say about me when something really difficult comes up because this is something, to me, that's fun. Like, I've never been excited to pick out napkins before but I'm kind of excited to pick out napkins, if I'm being honest with you (laughs)."] SOUNDCUE (:39 OC: . . . honest with you (laughs).)

Luke and Nicole have not shared their wedding date.

The couple do a lot of their planning from the road, as Luke's tour schedule is pretty packed. He plays tonight (Tuesday, October 15th) in Missoula, MT.