Now that Luke Bryan has his own restaurant in downtown Nashville, he has a fully-stocked bar of what he calls “proper ingredients” at which to create some of his favorite libations. While fans likely won't catch him bartending at Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge Food + Drink, the superstar says he can certainly whip up a few mean cocktails. “You know what, I do a pretty good Old Fashioned when given the proper ingredients. When I go to make my Old Fashioneds at the house, I don't have my simple syrup like I need, the muddler, one of the dogs has taken it out in the yard or something, so now the fact that I can come to my bar and have all my ingredients to make my perfect little Old Fashioned is gonna be exciting, so I'm pretty prideful of my Old Fashioneds. And margaritas, I do a good job of them, too. Come to find out I really make a lot of drinks for myself very nicely. Don't ask me to do gin, though. I'm not a gin guy.” in Irwin, OH at Spring Fork Farms.

Source: Pulse of Radio