Kelsea Ballerini explores what she thinks her life might have been like had she not moved from Knoxville, TN to Nashville and pursued her musical dream in the video for her current single, "Half Of My Hometown." She tells People, "I love when a video can kind of make the song have a new meaning and bring a new life to it. And we wanted to do that with this one, just because it is so personal. It feels very comfortable and very easy to play because I think it's a very realistic picture of what my life would be like had I stayed." Kelsea added that she could have had a "couple of kids" and been working in cosmetology.

The "Half of My Hometown" music video will be released on Thursday (May 13th).

The single is a collaboration with another Knoxville-area native, Kenny Chesney. It's the latest single off Kelsea's 2020 album, simply titled Kelsea.