Keith Urban made the day of a woman he called his “biggest fan” before his show on Thursday (October 18th) in Toledo, OH. Twenty-five-year-old Marissa English had tickets to see Keith, or “Mr. Hottie,” as she calls him, but her declining health forced her to miss the show. According to reports, English suffers from a “myriad of health conditions including water and an inoperable cyst on her brain, severe scoliosis and cerebral palsy,” and just recently entered hospice care.

English's nurses at Mercy Health St. Vincent Hospital started a social media campaign to get him to visit her. Nurse Jan Cassity told WTOL-11, “We knew how important it was to Marissa to be at that concert. Since she wasn’t able to we were hoping to try and find some way to have Keith make a connection with her.”

Urban got the message, and showed up to spend about an hour with English, where he sang to her, talked to her and her family and took plenty of pictures.

That night, he told the sold-out crowd at the Huntington Center about meeting “a beautiful girl named Marissa . . . who I truly think is my biggest fan,” and he dedicated his concert there to her.

Source: Pulse of Radio