When Justin Moore recorded “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” he knew it was a powerful song. He’s also learning what the songs means to his fans. We asked if it was difficult to hear the personal stories about loss. He told us this: “I don’t know if it’s difficult to deal with. I’m honored that somebody would want to share such a personal story with me just because I sing a song that maybe helped them when they were going through something. Especially as a parent, it’s hard to hear and it just makes you feel so terrible. It rips your heart out—and guilty at times because, you know, I have four healthy babies right now and hopefully that’s something that will last forever. But I wouldn’t say it’s difficult because I wouldn’t want to make anybody feel like I don’t want to hear the story, but it just is gut wrenching to hear. It just makes you feel bad for people.”

Source: Pulse of Radio