Jordan Davis really focuses on each act that he has the pleasure of touring with so as to better himself as an entertainer. So far, he's toured with Kip Moore, Chris Janson and Jake Owen. He tells us: “I try to take away something from every artist. Going out with Kip, I took away from what he does, I mean, I don’t think he played the same show every night. He’s a pretty passionate dude, and he has that same passion for his music. So, I kinda took that fire into my shows and trying to make the best show every night. Going into playing with Chris, Chris Janson and Jake Owen, I mean Chris is a blast to watch and he’s putting on the best show he can, and Jake is just a guy that is more kind of ‘fly by the seat of his pants,’ so, I mean every night for me to get to stand side stage and watch those guys, I try to kinda pull something from what they’re doing to try to better my show.” in Birmingham, Alabama.

Jordan is closing in on the Top 30 with his latest song, “Take It From Me,” the follow-up to his recent No. 1, “Singles You Up.”

Source: Pulse of Radio