Today is Valentine's Day (Thursday, February 14th), but it shouldn't really matter because if you're with someone you love, everyday should be Valentine's Day. Right? So says Jimmie Allen. In fact, not only does he think the holiday is useless, he tells us exclusively that it's very one-sided. “I feel like it's a bunch of unnecessary pressure for men because it's supposed to be a day where you celebrate the person you love, men and women, but yet a lot of times the pressure falls on men where men have to buy the flowers and men have to make the reservations, men have to do this, and if we don't we're a horrible person, but I'm like, 'Wait a minute. What do men get for Valentine's Day?' I feel like if it's supposed to be about the person you love both people should be doing something to make the other person . . . but also, there's 365 days in the year. If you really love someone you're not waiting for one day.”

Jimmie is making his way up the charts with his latest single, “Make Me Want To,” the followup to his chart-topping debut hit, “Best Shot.”

He hits the road with Kane Brown on the Live Forever tour beginning tomorrow (Friday, February 15th) in Rockford, IL.

Source: Pulse of Radio