Hardy does not agree with the CMA that his friend Morgan Wallen shouldn't be allowed to even attend the CMA Awards next month. During an interview over the weekend with an iHeartRadio station he said, I think it sucks . . . If you’re going to allow the guy to be voted for, and to be able to be nominated. He should at least be invited.” Hardy is referring to Morgan's nomination for Album of the Year for the multiplatinum Dangerous: The Double Album. 

Morgan was banned from attending, participating or even walking the red carpet at the CMA Awards due to the racial slur he was captured on video saying earlier this year. CMA CEO Sarah Trahern recently told The Los Angeles Times, “This is the first time in the history of the CMA, to my knowledge, anyone has ever been disqualified for conduct. Honoring him as an individual this year is not right, and he will not be allowed on the red carpet, on our stage, or be celebrated in any way.”

Hardy is a CMA New Artist of the Year nominee this year.

The CMA Awards will be held in Nashville on November 10th and air on ABC.