Eric Church's brand new album, Desperate Man, didn't come as easily as his previous five studio albums. In fact, Eric tells us this one was the hardest record he’s ever made. “The biggest fear that I had was I didn’t just want to go back into the studio and make a record just because it was time to make a record. And I had some stuff going on. I mean, I had a personal thing with my health, and then I had, then Vegas happened and that will be with me forever. So, I think there was stuff that I had to process on the early part of making this record. And frankly, it made it difficult early. I mean it was tough. It was the toughest record that I’ve made out of all of them. It’s funny, it’s just like anything you do creatively, when you think this is what it’s going to be, this where we are headed, I promise you, were headed here. This is where you are going. Creativity will take over and you will end up on another path and that’s what happened here. My favorite thing about this album, is I know where we started and where we ended up.” . His latest single and the album's title track sits at Number 14 on the Billboard country singles chart.

Source: Pulse of Radio