Eric Church had a lot of fun making the video for his latest song, “Desperate Man.” In fact, he tells us it’s probably his favorite video of his career, due in large part to the song’s co-writer, Ray Wylie Hubbard, as well as the theme of the clip. “My favorite video of my entire career is ‘Desperate Man.’ It’s my favorite video. And I think that…you know maybe we’re all shady characters, but I thought everybody played their part so well in that video. I mean Ray looks like a drug dealer, polyester suit, all my band members are shady as s*%t, so the whole thing to me was just the perfect culmination at this part in our career. So, anyway, long story short, with Ray Wylie Hubbard, to me, he’s a legend, he’s an icon, he’s exactly, he’s a troubadour. He’s the reason we should all aspire to do this. It’s not about money. It’s not about fame. It’s about, it’s what you’re born to do. It’s what you were put here to do. And I love the honesty and the integrity with which he’s done that throughout his career. So, for him to have a song that’s on the country chart and to be a part of mainstream country music is maybe one of the most favorite things I have ever done or been a part of.” .

The title track sits in the Top 15 and climbing on the country charts.

Source: Pulse of Radio