Eric Church has had several records certified by the RIAA in recent weeks. His hit “Springsteen” was just certified 5x platinum, while “Like a Wrecking Ball” and “Record Year” are now 2x platinum. The North Carolina native’s “Sinners Like Me” and “Over When It’s Over” have gone gold.

“Springsteen,” which is featured on Eric’s 2011 album Chief, is not just a song, it’s an experience for all of those who hear it. He tells us: [“The interesting thing about this song is it has probably less to do with (Bruce) Springsteen than it is about what’s happening at this amphitheater up on the lawn. I had this experience. If you’ve had this experience, no matter whether you stay together or don’t stay together, when you hear that person’s music whether it’s Springsteen or anybody else, you always think of the person you were with at that show. And I have that. I just thought it was an interesting story about two people falling in love at a concert, and for the rest of their life that’s the soundtrack. That artist is the soundtrack to their love, and I just love that. It makes me feel 17 again every time I hear it."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . I hear it.)

Eric is currently sitting inside the Top 10 with his latest single, “Some of It.”