When the Eli Young Band first heard the demo for their latest single, “Love Ain’t,” they knew it would be a great song to perform live and immediately wanted to record it. Mike Eli tells us more: “There was kind of a magic with the way that this song went into the chorus. We changed it quite a bit, and we kind of made it even bigger. But the original demo for this song hit that chorus really hard, and it felt really good. And so we wanted to make sure that we maintained that and if we could make it bigger and it definitely ended up a little bit bigger than it originally was. But it always felt good from day one, from the moment they sent it to us, which was one of the reasons we recorded it. Like we’ve always said, the live show is always the priority and this song is such a cool part of the show. The reaction’s already been better than most of the songs we’ve ever put out.”

Source: Pulse of Radio