Dustin Lynch seems to be already ready to move on from his 2017 album, Current Mood. His latest single, “Good Girl,” is from a future project, and as Dustin tells us, he's already got a bunch of songs to record over the next few weeks. “I learned over the last holiday break that I kind of have to write. It kind of feeds my soul. I didn't have any new music to share with anybody on my vacations, so I started writing like a madman in the spring and we got 'Good Girl.' It threw a wrench into our whole plan there with that song, and I've just continued to write all year long on the road, at home, and I've landed on some songs I'm really excited about, and it takes a long time for me to get a song that I'm excited about that I live with for a while that I'm still excited about and I can't wait for the world to hear it, and I think we have a few of those right now in the bag, so I want to go ahead and take advantage of the few days we have off this fall and try and start the recording process with those.” in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Source: Pulse of Radio