With songs like “Somebody's Been Drinkin',”Reason To Drink,” and “Sounded Good Last Night,” Cole Swindell isn't afraid to address the subject of alcohol often combined with making bad decisions while under the influence on his latest album, All of It. In fact, Cole tells us he hopes listeners hear these songs as cautionary tales to prevent them from experiencing some of the trials and tribulations of his past. “I think I always draw on personal experience, even if I didn't write it. I just can't sing something that I don't legit believe, and I do have songs about that because I've lived that, and I think we all know that bad or not so good things can happen when you've been drinking and I sing about it because I think we've all made mistakes. I don't know how that finds its way into all my songs but maybe . . . it's just from past relationships and things I've done wrong and if I can sing about it and it stops somebody else from doing it (laughs), like I said, I'm here to sing about my past and even if it's hard or it's tough, that's my job is to . . . If it helps somebody else that's going through it then I don't mind putting my stuff out there and letting them know that, 'Hey, I've been there, too,' so . . . ”

Cole sits in the Top Eight on the country charts with “Break Up In The End,” the debut single from All of It.

Source: Pulse of Radio