Chris Janson claims the Number One spot on both the Mediabase/Country Aircheck and Billboard Country Airplay charts this week with “Good Vibes,” the latest single off his new Real Friends album.

Chris said, “I’m very humbled this morning. I couldn’t even go to sleep last night. This being my third No. 1 song has once again changed our world. To my fans – holy cow!! What an amazing trip we’re taking together! Thank you for consistently having my back and supporting me.”

Each of Chris' hits have become ingrained in who he is as an artist, and he tells us he's proud fans make that association. ["Now I'm the 'Good Vibes' guy, and I'm cool with that because I don't know a lot of other artists who actually become their song during the song. I mean, I'm noticing that, too. I'm noticing that my songs become who I am almost during the duration of them and for the rest of life, but 'Good Vibes' was something I kind of joked about when we wrote it. I was like, 'This would never work. It's too simple, it's too simple.' But I knew it sounded like a hit and I just was like, 'I'm just gonna go with it.'"] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . go with it.')

Chris will appear on NBC's Today show today (Tuesday, October 22nd) for a double-header performance, starting with “Good Vibes” during the 8 a.m. hour followed by the live national TV debut of his new single “Done” in the 10 a.m. hour. On Friday (October 25th), he'll be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.