Carrie Underwood celebrated her career 27th Number One hit, one of the 14 that she had a hand in writing, with a party at Nashville songwriting organization BMI yesterday (Monday, October 21st) afternoon. She was joined by her "Southbound" co-writers David Garcia and Josh Miller. "Southbound" is the third single and first Number One from her Cry Pretty album.

With all the accolades and awards that Carrie has racked up over the years you'd think that Number One hits would take a backseat but Carrie tells us they're just as important now as they were in the beginning of her career. ["I mean, it's great at any point in your career. I was really lucky early on to have success early on and then now, you want people to still like what you're doing, and I mean I personally see that every night when I'm on stage, but it's really great when radio gets behind what you're doing and when it gets to the top it takes a lot of work and (I) don't take any of that for granted."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . that for granted.)

Carrie's Cry Pretty Tour 360 continues tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 23rd) in Memphis, TN.