Carly Pearce made the day of a fan when she surprised Danielle Sparkman with a Zoom call on Thursday (Feb. 18th). Sparkman was injured in a car accident coming home from Carly's club show in Nashville earlier this month. Carly also contributed $1000 toward Sparkman's $10,000 goal on GoFundMe to help pay the college student's medical bills.

Sparkman posted about the call on social media writing, "Today was one of the coolest experiences to come out of one of the worst situations. I’m so thankful @carlypearce took the time to call me! I can’t wait for her new project, 29, to come out tonight and I can’t wait to go see her again in concert! You’re the best, Carly!" She also shared some of the Zoom clip during which Carly played a song off the new project.

Carly's 7-song compilation, called 29, was released on Friday (Feb. 19th).