Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are trying to follow the recommended guidelines for self-quarantining these days. While the coronavirus is a serious matter, Carly tells us that getting to spend so much time together has been the silver lining. ["We've never had this much time to just rest. We've never had this time together. We've never been able to just really be normal so I take it as a blessing. He left to go to Florida to see his family for a few days. I'm leaving to go do social distancing with my mom who has a lung disease, but we didn't want to leave each other so, you know, we're figuring it out. It's hard."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . out. It's hard.)

Carly sits in the Top 13 on the Mediabase chart with "I Hope You're Happy Now," featuring Lee Brice.

Carly Pearce On Coronavirus Quarantine Being A Blessing :