Carly Pearce lives alone with her cat, Emmylou, who, according to Carly, rules the roost. She tells us the feline was an unexpected gift from her parents: “She was a Christmas gift for my parents three years ago. All of a sudden I heard this little bell and I turned around and this cat, this kitten had a little sweater on with a bell on it, and I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ And the shock on my face. There’s a video where my mom says, ‘You hate her.’ And it wasn’t that I hated her I just couldn’t believe they got me a cat. I named her Emmy Lou after Emmylou Harris because I’m a huge Trio, Dolly. Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou fan. Emmylou is a rag doll cat. That means she’s very fluffy and furry and kind of like a dog, that’s what they say that kind of cat is. And she is spitfire. If any of my friends or anybody’s ever met her they know she doesn’t want you to get within like, 10 feet of her. But then when it’s time to cuddle on her terms she’ll come around and she’s sweet. She loves to eat and lay around and she kind of rules the house.”

While Emmylou holds down the fort, Carly just kicked off her opening slot on Luke Bryan’s What Makes You Country tour.

Carly's Top 15 hit, “Hide The Wine,” continues its climb up the charts.

Source: Pulse of Radio