Brett Young's sophomore album, Ticket To L.A. will be out December 7th and if you pre-order from his website, he's offering up fan packages that include scented travel candles, an enamel pin set, a hand-numbered poster, plus a signed CD booklet. He says he learned a lot from making his first album and gives us insight on what to expect with the next one. Brett told us this: “I think the first album was pretty clearly a very deep insight into me and my life, and I never want to stray too far from that, but the opportunity that I’ve gotten after the first album to write with some of the bigger, better writers in Nashville made me want to really dig into what their skillsets are and what it is that they’re good at and what’s made them so good. And so I found myself having to, rather than write my life story, find ways to take maybe their idea or their concept or their story and still put my DNA on it and find a way to connect to the concept that we’re writing. And so there’s still a lot of vulnerability and emotion in these songs, but there’s a cool twist on it because it’s influenced heavily by some of the best writers in Nashville now, so it’s a lot of the same with a little bit of tweaks and differences.”

Source: Pulse of Radio