Newcomer Abby Anderson has just released her debut EP, called I’m Good, featuring her debut single, “Make Him Wait,” and this weekend, she made her first performance at the Grand Ole Opry. These are big milestones for the singer, who is only 21. Abby has been dedicated to achieving her musical dream since she was a teenager, moving from Dallas, Texas to Nashville by herself at the tender age of 17.

Abby tells us exclusively: “I was lucky to know a couple people and basically just started networking my little tail off. I invested in a fake I.D. so I could get into meet people. I mean, I'm 17, not going to college, and I didn't know how else I would meet or make any friends, so a lot of the bouncers would let me in just cause they knew me, knew I wasn't gonna drink. I literally just wanted to come in, listen to music and meet people and that's what I did.” .

Source: Pulse of Radio