The 2nd Annual Jingle Bull Rock!

The Jingle Bull Rock was found in Frazier Park which lies behind St. Luke’s Church of the Nazarene.  With the church to the south, important street names are Kingston Road to the East, Fairway to the north and Meadow Lane to the West.

The Rock was found just off Meadow, in Frazier Park, in the grassy area near the children’s swings/play area.

Now…see if these make more sense!

Clue #1 Monday December 2, 2019

Square one is the spot where good hunts begin

Forty Seven plus a thousand, could be all yours to spend.

In time for Christmas it’s sure to be found

A not-so-hidden treasure in Ol’ Ponca Town.

  •  It’s simple!  We’re giving away some money!  

Clue – #2 Tuesday, December 3, 2019

No shovel is needed, leave your ladder home, too.

The treasure you seek is clearly in view.

But heed all the details as you search for the prize.

Or you might miss the treasure in front of your eyes!

  • Don’t disturb or destroy any property…and dig into the clues!

Clue – #3 Wednesday, December 4, 2019

This year’s city center, is not where you’d think.

This X marks the spot though not written in ink.

Nineteen plus fourteen, you’ve got to be smart.

But no brain surgeon’s required to know where to start!

  • This clue sets the “middle of your map”.  Following clues will work from this point.  Nineteen for the 1900 block, and Fourteen for 14th Street.  The Hospital lies at this intersection.

Clue – #4 Thursday, December 5, 2019

The new city center, in the quest for the prize,

Is clearly established, for now opened eyes.

It’s where two shaking hands, meet to keep perfect time.

And the treasure you seek lies northeast in this rhyme.

  • Now you’ve got your starting point, 14th and Hartford.  The prize lies northeast of where these two meet like “hands on a clock.”  

Clue – #5 Friday, December 6, 2019

My proud family is scattered all over town.

Not the biggest of the kids, but I still draw a crowd.

Some work, some dine, some come to play.

Though they seem to ignore me on most rainy days.

  • The rock is hidden on public property.  This clue tells you that the hiding place is “one of many” in a family, and of all those this one is small.  We’re talking about a city park where people meet for a variety of reasons.  But they’re not so popular when the weather is bad.

Clue – #6 Monday, December 9, 2019

A prime Christmas color – sharpen your eye!

This stone worth a fortune stands out where she lies.

Santa will declare 3 times that you’ve won,

With a famous one-liner that always sounds fun!

  • The two prime Christmas colors are red and green.  The rock is green with a red ribbon stripe on it.  The words “Ho Ho Ho” (Santa’s famous phrase) are printed on the rock.

Clue – #7 Tuesday December 10, 2019

Not on your way to the great white north, but therein lies a hint.

A passage fit for royalty, all safe and sound they went

I can see their crowns all glittering when to the east I gaze

Decipher this clever riddle and save yourself some days.

  • Here’s where we start narrowing our focus by giving you clues about streets.  The parks that are northeast of 14th and Hartford start to shorten the list.  This clue is about Kingston Road.    When you google Kingston Road, the first entry has to do with Toronto Canada (the Great White North)  Fit for Royalty – a “King”.  “I can see their crowns”….the crowns of the Kings who would find passage on Kingston Road.  From where the Rock lies, in Frazier Park, it can “see” this royalty off to the east.  Yes, Queens Avenue lies further to the north, but the clues that follow bring more clarity.

Clue – #8 Wednesday December 11, 2019

When duffers just can’t stay the course

For them it’s hard to see.

But when days grow short and winds grow cold

Little birdies turn and find relief.

  • A duffer refers to a “a mediocre golfer” and, for them, staying in the “fairway” is a challenge.  From Fairway, look south toward Frazier Park.  Now, we’ve got a “park” with Kingston to the East and Fairway to the north.  

Clue – #9 Thursday December 12, 2019

When just south of the border,

You can hear the Christmas story.                  

And from where the teller tells this tale

You can now behold the glory.

  • Just south of Frazier Park, you find St. Luke’s Church of the Nazarene.  When the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus is proclaimed by the angel, the passage in Luke (the teller of this tale) 2 is prominently used.   One more boundary to go.  *By this time, we’re already seeing people searching in Frazier Park.

Clue – #10 Friday, December 13, 2019

The 13th and it’s Friday,

Your lucky day might be!

Turn east from Ponca’s grassland

And set out for ol’ Missouri!

  • Google “Meadow” and the first result that comes up in most searches is “a piece of grassland”.  From Meadow Lane, look east to find the prize.

Bonus Clue – Friday December 13, 2019

Retrace your steps, and clues peruse, they’ll slowly zoom you in.

Yukon Cornelius, he heads north. It’d be wise to follow him!

Slowing down, reads all the signs, and always do what right.

At children’s feet you’ll find the prize, and have a Merry Christmas Night!

  • This clue prompts you to carefully reconsider the clues already given but, for the first time brings up Prospect.  Yukon Cornelius, from the famous holiday TV special “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”, was a prospector – always looking for gold.  The park, again, was north of St. Luke’s (and prospect).  This clue makes reference to the Speed limit sign and focuses on the area near the children’s play area.